057 – VL Christian & Oliver – (2012-04-26) – part1

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Pin Up Stars Show ft The Trikini, Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012 MFW – Bikini Models | FashionTV FTV

www.FTV.com MILAN – The Pin-Up Stars Spring/Summer 2012 collection in Milan is a favorite of many, and this season certainly doesn’t disappoint, presenting 14 sultry swimwear pieces that are on par with the trends and stylishly sexy too! At first, there’s a distinct American red, white, and…

Drake-Do It Now/Lyrics

SUBSCRIBE !!!! Uh yea alright Uh well alright Yea well alright Uh huh… yea Gasps Feel good It’s a celebration clap clap bravo lobster and shrimp And a glass of moscato for the girl whose a student and her friends whose a model Finished the whole bottle… and we gonna do it big like this Yea and he was just practice he ain’t in your world you can take him off ya atlas Girl ya on fire can I be the one you match with I give you the credit card and baby you can max this outtt Show me where ya tax is show me where ya hands at Maybe I can grasp it they say if ya get her you can understand her better And she known to be a cheater but that’s only if you let her Yea… and I got it together so when they talk they try to turn me it’s like whatever … tell em’ I appreciate the help but I just gotta know for myself Yea uh Uh look Uh This lifestyle is foul this shit’ll damage her Especially when you think nobody is understanding ya These girls groups with they overprotected managers Got paparazzi over my shoulders clickin they cam-er-a Snap snap snap until they runnin outta card space You remind me of Tony’s sister in scarface Just take it easy on love and slow ya heart rate goodness gracious on top is such a hard place? Yea… but if you never even been there You kinda make sense why you dying of pretendin Spillin all ya drinks takin pictures of ya swimwear Head up in the clouds you survivin on the thin air I know that shit is exhausting girl And your mistakes are costing girl


Full Figure Bikini www.tropicalbeachswimwear.com Full Figure Bikini This bikini is perfect for those that want a little more lift, coverage and shape. Underwire top will make you feel tucked in and secure while the high waisted bottoms offer enough coverage to make you feel totally…

Fashion Fantasy (1946) – extract 2

The War might have been over, but the second half of the 1940s was all about belt-tightening. You can hardly blame the fashion-conscious girl for craving a touch of glitter. Pushed too far by the Royal Navy’s grey flannel utility-wear, a young Wren dozes off and is tantalised by dreams of modelling for Norman Hartnell, premier British designer of the day. Cue an entertaining medley of interviews, exercise and makeover. Strangely, she appears to endure rather than enjoy the process; the narrator however takes great delight in making gentle fun of it all. (Simon McCallum)You can watch over 2000 other complete films and TV programmes from the BFI National Archive free of charge at the BFI Mediatheque. There are Mediatheques at BFI Southbank, London, QUAD, Derby, Cambridge Central Library, Wrexham Library and the Discovery Museum, Newcastle – www.bfi.org.uk

aussieBum – Dirt N Dust Queensland, Our Reality, www.aussiebum.com

www.aussiebum.com Join the aussieBum team as they battle, bugs, bulls, butt-comps and lethal jumping castles in the baking heat of North West Queensland for the 2009 Dirt N Dust Festival.

aussieBum, www.aussiebum.com

aussieBum, if you doubt yourself … wear something else. www.aussiebum.com

How Bikinis Are Made

A look at how an initial design of a bikini is turned into the real thing.

fashiontv – John Richmond Men Fall 2011 Full Show Milan Men’s Fashion Week – fashiontv | FTV.com

Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2011 on FTV.com fashiontv John Richmond Full Show Front Row Red Carpet Celebrities — Top Hot Sexy Models – Styled by – Music — John Richmond is an English fashion designer based in Milan, he was born in Manchester in 1960 and moved to London, then eventually to Italy to pursue his dreams. He graduated in fashion design from Kingston University in 1982, and straight away designed his own collection under his own name, while collaborating with such brands as Emporio Armani, Joseph Tricot and Fiorucci. In 1984 he formed the The Richmond-Cornejo label with Ravensbourne graduate Maria Cornejo. Since 1987, Richmond has worked under his own name producing three lines, the main line John Richmond, second line: Richmond X, and the denim line: Richmond Denim. His close ties with the rock music fashion industry have led him to dress stars such as Madonna, George Michael, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Annie Lennox and alsoInternazionale/AC Milan footballers: Marco Materazzi, Clarence Seedorf. He has collaborated with Iraqi fashion designer Reem Alasadi in London. He has a daughter called Phoenix Richmond who is a new fashion model. Become our Fan on Facebook – facebook.com Join the F Community at FTV.com and become an F Member for the latest and most exclusive coverage of fashion week, runway shows, plus hot designers like Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Dior, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as all your favorite fashion icons. The latest coverage of the

Bollywood World – Zarine Khan photo shoot

A hot photo shoot of Zarine Khan in Sweet Dreams Lounge wear.